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AWS Lake Formation - Tag Based Access Control

[Scenario: Using tags to govern access control in AWS Lake Formation. Tags: AWS Lake Formation, Tags]

AWS Glue Studio - Predict Missing Values in Data

[Scenario: Using Glue Studio Tranformation to predict the missing values. Tags: Glue, S3]

Using Transient Amazon EMR Cluster

[Scenario: Learn to launch transient EMR cluster with steps. Tags: Amazon EMR]

AWS Glue Studio Enhancements - Spark SQL, Catalog Target & Infer S3 Schema

[Scenario: Learn use of new Glue Studio features - Spark SQL, Catalog Target & Infer S3 Schema. Tags: Glue Studio]

Understanding Global Tables in DynamoDB

[Scenario: Using Global Tables to build multi-region applications. Tags: DynamoDB, Global Tables]

Introduction to AWS X-Ray

[Scenario: Use AWS X-Ray to trace serverless application call stack. Tags: AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Step Function, AWS X-Ray]

Using Job Bookmarks in AWS Glue Jobs

[Scenario: Configure AWS Glue job bookmark to avoid reprocessing of the data. Tags: AWS Glue Job, Job Bookmark]

Using API Gateway as Proxy for AWS Services

[Scenario: Configure API Gateway as Proxy to Amazon DynamoDB Table. Tags: DynamoDB, API Gateway]

AWS Data Wrangler Series - Part4- Working with Amazon DynamoDB

[Scenario: Use Data Wrangler to load data to DynamoDB Table. Tags: DynamoDB, AWS Data Wrangler, Python]

Data Lake Export in Amazon Redshift

[Scenario: Learn how to unload Redshift Data to S3. Tags: Redshift, S3]

Glue Workflow - Sharing States Between Glue Jobs

[Scenario: Share states between jobs in the Glue Workflow. Tags: AWS Glue, Job, Workflow, Workflow Property]

Absolute Beginners Lab with Amazon Neptune

[Scenario: Learn Simple Queries in Amazon Neptune Graph Database. Tags: Amazon Neptune, Graph Database, Jupyter]

AWS Data Wrangler Series - Part2- Working with AWS Glue

[Scenario: Using AWS Data Wrangler in AWS Glue Job. Tags: AWS Glue, Job, S3, Data Wrangler]

AWS Data Wrangler Series - Part1- Working with Lambda

[Scenario: Using AWS Data Wrangler in AWS Lambda Function. Tags: AWS Lambda, Layer, S3, Data Wrangler]

Using Temp Directory Storage in Lambda

[Scenario: Read / Write in temp directory storage in AWS Lambda. Tags: AWS Lambda, Temp Directory Storage]

Using AWS Step Functions Express Workflows

[Scenario: Create and run AWS Step Functions Using AWS Step Functions Express Synchronously. Tags: Step Functions, Lambda, Express, Workflows]

Using Lambda UDF with Amazon Redshift

[Scenario: Use Lambda UDF in Amazon Redshift Data Query. Tags: Redshift, Lambda, UDF]

Using Amazon Data Migration Services with S3

[Scenario: Use Amazon DMS to copy data from Relational Database to S3 Bucket. Tags: DMS, S3, RDS, Aurora]

Using SQL like Language (PartiQL) to Manipulate DynamoDB Data

[Scenario: Using PartiQL with Python to Manipulate DynamoDB Data. Tags: DynamoDB, PartiQL, Python, Cloud9]

Using Amazon API Gateway in AWS Step Functions

[Scenario: Call REST API in AWS Step Functions. Tags: Lambda, API Gateway, Step Functions]

Access S3 Data in Amazon Redshift using Redshift Spectrum

[Scenario: Access S3 Data in Query from Amazon Redshift. Tags: Redshift, S3, Spectrum]

Using Custom AWS Glue Classifiers

[Scenario: Using custom AWS Glue classifier to catalog XML data. Tags: AWS Glue, Data Lake, Data Catalog, Classifiers]

Ordered Message Processing using Amazon SNS FIFO

[Scenario: Use SNS FIFO Topic, SNS FIFO Queue and Lambda for ordered message processing. Tags: Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, AWS Lambda, Python]

Python Programming with Amazon Timestream

[Scenario: Using Python Code to write data to Amazon Timestream database table. Tags: Amazon Timestream, AWS Cloud9, Python]

Introduction to AWS CloudFormation Guard

[Scenario: Use AWS CloudFormation Guard to perform rule based compliance check on CloudFormation Templates. Tags: Amazon CloudFormation, Amazon CloudFormation Guard, Compliance, Infrastructure as Code]

Quick Container Deployment with AWS CoPilot

[Scenario: Use AWS Copilot cli for quick container based application deployment. Tags: Amazon ECS, AWS CoPilot, CLI, Cloud9]

Using Amazon Session Manager for Secure RDP Access

[Scenario: Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Access Using Amazon Session Manager. Tags: Amazon Systems Manager, Session Manager, EC2, RDP, Windows Server]

Integrating SageMaker Notebook with AWS CodeCommit

[Scenario: Make Amazon SageMaker Notebook and AWS CodeCommit work together. Tags: Amazon SageMaker, Jupyter Notebook, AWS CodeCommit]

Working with Data API for Amazon Redshift

[Scenario: Python Programming with Amazon Redshift Data API. Tags: Redshift, Python, Data Python]

Using AWS App2Container to modernize apps into containerized apps

[Scenario: Containerize ASP.NET Application deployed on Windows. Tags: App2Container, A2C, Microservices, ASP.NET, Containers]

Quick Hands-on with Lambda Layer

[Scenario:Create and use Lambda Layer in the lambda function with Python. Tags: Lambda, Layers, Python]

Code Review using Amazon CodeGuru

[Scenario: Using Amazon CodeGuru to review Java code. Tags: CodeGuru, Java, CodeCommit]

Improving Application Performance using Amazon Global Accelerator

[Scenario: Enhance Web Application performance using Amazon Global Accelerator. Tags: Global Accelerator, EC2, ALB]

Python Programming with Amazon EventBridge

[Scenario: Publish and route events in Amazon EventBridge. Tags: Amazon EventBridge, Python Boto3]

Using Lambda Function with Systems Manager

[Scenario: Using Lambda function to extend Amazon Systems Manager automation. Tags: System Manager, Automation]

Discover & protect sensitive data with Amazon Macie

[Scenario: Use Macie to discover and protect sensitive data store in Amazon S3. Tags: Amazon Macie, S3]

Creating Image Pipeline with EC2 Image Builder

[Scenario: Create Linux image with Python-Boto3 SDK deployed using EC2 Image Builder. Tags: EC2 Image Builder, Pipeline]

Working with AWS Config

[Scenario: Using AWS Config to track configuration violations and change history. Tags: AWS Config]

Understanding Amazon Lambda Destinations

[Scenario: Destinations to handle Lambda Asynchronous execution success/failure. Tags: AWS Lambda, Destinations]

Introduction to Amazon Athena Federated Query

[Scenario: Amazon Athena to query relational, non-relational, object, and custom data sources. Tags: Amazon Athena, Federated Query]

Using Amazon EFS with AWS Lambda

[Scenario: AWS Lambda to read-write data on Amazon EFS. Tags: Amazon EFS, AWS Lambda, NFS]

Configure AWS Cloud9 for Python Boto3 SDK Programming

[Scenario: Learn to configure AWS Cloud9 IDE to do python programming with Boto3. Tags: AWS Cloud9, Python, Boto3, SDK]

Amazon AppFlow to transfer data from Salesforce to S3

[Scenario: Using Amazon AppFlow to transfer data between Salesforce and S3 buckets with tranformation. Tags: Amazon AppFlow, S3, Salesforce]

Amazon AppFlow to transfer data from S3 to S3

[Scenario: Using Amazon AppFlow to transfer data between S3 buckets with tranformation. Tags: Amazon AppFlow, S3]

Configure AWS Cloud9 for Docker

[Scenario: Learn to configure AWS Cloud9 IDE to create and publish Docker Images. Tags: AWS Cloud9, Docker, Dockerfile, ECR, Elastic Container Registry]

Configure AWS Cloud9 for .NET Core Development

[Scenario: Configuring AWS Cloud9 Environment for .NET Core based project development. Tags: AWS Cloud9, c#, .NET Core]

Using Microsoft Visual Studio with AWS .NET SDK

[Scenario: Configure Visual Studio to use with AWS SDK for .NET. Tags: Visual Studio, c#, AWS .NET SDK]