Important Note: You will create AWS resources during the workshop which will incur cost in your AWS account. It is recommended to clean-up the resources as soon as you finish the workshop to minimize the cost.

Service Discovery using Amazon Cloud Map

AWS Cloud Map is a cloud resource discovery service. The resources and services used in the application can be defined in the Cloud Map. Application can dynamically discover and use the services / resources from the Cloud Map. This increases the application availability because it always discovers the most up-to-date locations of its resources / services.

Cloud Map allows to register any application resources, such as databases, queues, microservices, and other cloud resources, with custom names. Cloud Map then constantly checks the health of resources to make sure the location is up-to-date. The application can then query the registry for the location of the resources needed based on the application version and deployment environment.

In this workshop, you create a sample client application in Cloud9 environment to read / write data from a DynamoDB table using two Lambda functions. The Lambda functions and DynamoDB table are registered in Cloud Map. The code in the client or Lambda functions uses Cloud Map to discover the resources needed to perform the job.

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AWS Kinesis Data Transformation using Glue

The AWS Resource consumption for the workshop does not fall under AWS Free Tier.