Important Note: You will create AWS resources during the workshop which will incur cost in your AWS account. It is recommended to clean-up the resources as soon as you finish the workshop to minimize the cost.

AWS AI Services Programming Series - Part1 (Polly, Translate & Textract)

Amazon Web Services provides ready-made, pre-trained Artificial Intelligent (AI) Services to easily build applications and services. The AWS AI Services can be called programmatically using APIs and SDKs.

You don’t need to train and test data for using the AI Service because they are pre-trained by AWS. AI Services on AWS don’t require machine learning experience. However many services like Rekognition do provide opportunity to train your custom data and then use as API.

The following is list of AWS AI Services and their use –


In this workshop, you work with three AWS AI Services - Polly, Translate & Textract. You perform the following scenarios with each of these services –

Polly – convert text to voice.

Translate – translate text from one language to another.

Textract – detect text and analyze form data in the scanned document.

The AWS Resource consumption for the workshop falls under AWS Free Tier.

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